Two high power lasers provided by us are working in Jefferson Lab for the purpose of polarizing the Helium-3 gas.

Raytum Photonics

Two Q-light lasers are working in Oak Ridge National Lab.

Turn-key Fiber Coupled Source


The Q-light series is designed and manufactured to meet  high-performance and high-reliability requirements for scientific research, amplifier seeding, material spectroscopy, medical, and Defense market segments. The integrated, high-current TEC element can provide excellent temperature regulation and stability to the laser diode

Fiber-coupled Tunable Laser For Pumping Alkali Vapor


The D-Light series fiber-coupled diode laser provides exceptional performance including high power, ultra-narrow linewidth and wide tuning range of central wavelength. The integrated turn-key design makes D-Light series immediately to use and simplifies the maintenance.


Accessory and Service

Raytum photonics provides many accessories and services to our high power laser and turn-key fiber coupled source including the multi-mode SM905 fiber patch cord with AR coating, single mode fiber patch cord working at different wavelength and installing FAC and beam twister for the diode bar.