Raytum Photonics provides optical thin film coatings over regular optics like lens and mirrors and fiber tips from deep UV to far infrared (FIR) with the highest possible damage threshold. The optical coatings include all dielectric coatings as well as broadband metallic or metal-dielectric hybrid coatings.

Typical coating specifications and materials:

Single Layer Antireflection Coating
R < 1.50% @ 0 degree on BK7 or Fused Silica
R < 0.20% @ 0 degree on SF11 or
                           similar high index optics
R < 0.15% @ 45 degree P on BK7

​Sample coating over 1300nm:  

Multi-layer Antireflection coating in mid-IR range

R < 1.5% on Fluoride fiber over the range of 1.4um-5um and the following figure is measured reflectivity of multilayer coatings on InF glass vs design and modeling. 

For more information, please contact yimin.hu@raytum-photonics.com