Bench-top Fiber Amplifier

Customized Coating Service

Raytum Photonics provides optical thin film coatings over regular optics like lens and mirrors and fiber tips from deep UV to far infrared (FIR) with the highest possible damage threshold. The optical coatings include all dielectric coatings as well as broadband metallic or metal-dielectric hybrid coatings.

Laser Source

High Power Fiber Coupled Diode Laser 

The D-Light series fiber-coupled diode laser provides exceptional performance including high power, ultra-narrow linewidth and automatic locking of lasing wavelength. The integrated turn-key design makes D-Light series immediately to use and simplifies the maintenance.


Accessories and Service

AR Coated SMA905 Fiber Patch Cord

Raytum photonics provides high power, AR coated SMA905 fiber patch cord with various core diameters. The Raytum Photonics high power SMA905 fiber patch cord has been used in our 50W fiber coupled laser system and extremely reliable.

Turn-key Fiber Coupled Laser Source

Raytum Photonics' turn-key fiber coupled laser source is designed and manufactured to meet  high-performance and high-reliability requirements for scientific research, amplifier seeding, material spectroscopy, medical, and Defense market segments.