High Power Fiber Coupled

Diode Laser System

​​​D-light  fiber coupled diode laser is an integrated, turn-key system suitable for optical pumping of Alkali metal vapor, material processing, and pumping solid-state laser media. The system consists of a single enclosure which integrates the laser heads, cooling and all necessary drive and control electronics. The optical radiation is delivered with continuous wave (CW), high power, ultra-narrow linewidth output, transported by an industry standard 2 meters long high power SMA905 or D80 fiber patch cord.

D-light lasers are extensively implemented in the setup of polarizing Helium-3 gas in CEBAF, Jefferson Laboratory. D-light lasers are also being used in other institutes like Oakridge National Lab, NIST, University of Virginia and William & Mary college, etc.  

Typical Specification
Output Power >50 W ,       Air Cool
 >200 W,     water cool
Nominal Wavelength 794.7 nm
Spectral Width 0.2 nm
Tunable Range +/- 0.2 nm
Fiber Diameter 600 um , Air Cool 50W Model
 2 mm,  Water Cool 200W Model
Current Threshold

D-Light-50 50W version, unit price $29,000

D-Light 200 200W version, unit price $76,000

Download: Manual  to learn more about 50W laser system

Download: Manual to learn more about 200W laser system