Facility in Columbia, MD

Headquarters in Sterling, VA

Welcome to Raytum Photonics

Raytum Photonics is a dynamic small business at the forefront of photonics technology, collaborating with DOE, DOD, as well as other government research agencies. Our expertise spans from creating individual devices to comprehensive system integration, offering advanced solutions that extend well beyond the typical scope of photonics firms. We are dedicated to delivering innovative, state-of-the-art laser and electro-optic solutions, alongside robust high-reliability electronics and superior engineering services to our scientific and military clientele.

Our Presence

Rooted in innovation, Raytum Photonics proudly operates from our headquarters in Sterling, VA, with an additional state-of-the-art facility in Columbia, MD. These strategic locations bolster our capabilities and enable us to serve our clients more effectively.

Our Mission

At Raytum Photonics, we're driven by the mission to harness tomorrow's technology for today's solutions. Our size is our strength, allowing us to attract niche talent and cultivate a culture of innovation and opportunity. We don't just adapt to the evolving landscape of photonics—we aim to be the catalyst for change, fostering breakthroughs that address our customers' most complex challenges.